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Baan Thai Cookery School

The well respected Baan Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai offers traditional Thai cooking classes in a wonderful setting. You can plan a class or two or even a whole holiday dedicated to the study and enjoyment of Thai food whilst in Chiang Mai, as the cooking school offers a lot of flexibility. Thailand Culinary Tours plans culinary tours to suit every type of visitor to Thailand and will be delighted to assist you with your itinerary.

At Baan Thai Cookery School, the friendly team work hard to ensure you get the most out of your stay in Chiang Mai and the classes you take; their focus is not only on the techniques, ingredients, menu and style but the fun of learning too. The warm, informative teaching style introduces students of Thai cookery to the rich diversity of the cuisine by doing, rather than watching and listening. At the culmination of a Thai cooking class at the Baan Thai school, you will not only have learned a thing or two about Thai cooking but will also have had a most memorable experience to take away.

One of the best memories will likely be that of the trip to the markets of Chiang Mai where you will purchase the ingredients for your cooking class. The colours, aromas and sheer abundance of produce is always a surprise to visitors and with experts on hand, you will discover so much about these beautiful, fresh ingredients.  Herbs, spices and techniques unique to Thai cooking are also thoroughly explained and explored in preparation for the class.

The Baan Thai Cooking School is located in the heart of Chiang Mai (Baan Thai means Thai Home); this school definitely lives up to its name, with an atmosphere that is as welcoming as it is comfortable. More than just cooking is shared here too; the breadth of Thai culture is touched upon and experienced both in the setting as well as the course contents.

“Baan Thai offers its customers the opportunity to learn how to cook real Thai food in a traditional Thai setting, with skilled and friendly teachers who can impart the secrets of Thai cooking to you in a fun atmosphere. Baan Thai offers five separate courses, including evening classes; so whether you are an expert or an amateur, Baan Thai has a course that can accommodate your needs.”

Cooking Thai food in the Northern Thai style means working with ingredients and methods you may never have encountered before and will be so satisfying. At the Baan Thai Cookery School, students can expect to:

–          Enjoy small class sizes (just 2 to 9 people)

–          Explore the ingredients particular to Thai food with a market visit

–          Be able to relive your experience through the Baan Thai online photo album

–          A completely hands-on Thai cooking experience

–          Ongoing support online after you return home

In order for you to get the most out of your experience, the Baan Thai limits the number of students per class so that each can get the full attention of the instructors and enjoy the intimacy of the atmosphere. A pleasant start to cooking class is the market shopping for the ingredients; a visit to the local market will help you to learn about local exotic fruits and vegetables. There are always an abundance of new things to see and because the Baan Thai Cookery School is respectful to the environment, only baskets are used – never plastic bags.

Using the freshest ingredients is a great start and having access to the correct equipment and tuition will ensure the best outcome possible. The spotlessly clean cooking areas and utensils are a pleasure to work with. Classes are completely hands-on, encouraging you to practice Thai cooking techniques and ask questions of the attentive instructors.

This particular Thai cooking school offers two further unique features; the web-based photo-album where pictures of you and your friends in action, shopping at the market and cooking in front of the Wok can (with your permission) be posted so that friends and family can share in the fun of your adventure too. Photos will remain posted for several months giving you the opportunity to download and save them for your own digital scrapbook. After-care too is a great feature of this cooking school; a web-based support network provides assistance long after you have returned home. So, no matter where in the world you are, your questions about Thai cooking can be answered quickly and easily via e-mail.

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