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Silom Thai Cooking School

A Thai cookery course at the Silom Cooking School Bangkok is a perfect addition to a visit to this vibrant, bustling city and for those with a real passion for Thai cuisine can even create an entire holiday around it. Thailand Culinary Tours will work with your plans and offer or create a Thai cooking holiday or experience to suit you. Our excellent local contacts ensure that the Thai cooking schools we offer are trusted and respected for wonderful cooking experiences.

Classes at the Silom Cooking School in Bangkok are planned around the climate of Thailand with most taking place in the morning when it is cooler and best suited to shopping, food preparation and cooking. The markets of Bangkok open early and are a great way to begin a discovery of Thai cuisine. The Silom provides an expert guide to assist every step of the way; identifying and explaining the herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and other produce on offer; your guide is also an excellent teacher of the fine art of bargaining, Thai-style!

Then it’s down to the preparation and cooking, with students taught to cook complete dishes from scratch, with traditional utensils and techniques. An essential in any Thai kitchen is the curry paste, learning to do this well is key to authentic flavours in the dishes. Every aspect of Thai cooking is explored so that when your class is over, you take away the skills to create authentic Thai cuisine at home.

The hands-on experience is highly rewarding and although students are creating the dishes themselves, Instructors are on hand at all times to assist, explain and advise where required. All Instructors at the Silom Thai Cooking School are certified and by a recognised Thai Culinary School and have professional cooking or teaching experience. They are also extremely patient and friendly.

“You’ll get a feel for real Thai culture as you experience its rich colours, unique flavours and smells.”

The highly enjoyable programs on offer at the Silom Cooking School are created to suit every level of student, from beginner to expert and are the ideal way to enjoy an authentic cultural and culinary experience.

–          Market tour

–          Traditional Thai food preparation techniques

–          Creating your own homemade Curry Paste

–          Cooking rice & sticky rice

–          Making coconut milk

–          Cook and assemble Thai dishes

–          Enjoy your culinary creations

–          Take away skills and wonderful recipes

–          Receive a Course Certificate

The Silom Thai Cooking School is as much a place of Thai culture as it is Thai cuisine, with great respect for the traditions of the past and the produce of the surrounding area. The school has a relaxed and friendly environment where small class numbers and a traditional open kitchen lead to a truly pleasurable experience.

The certified Thai cooks make the learning both fun and informative, with excellent insights into Thai culture, lifestyle, tastes and customs. The market visit is considered to be an integral part of the learning as it shows how Thai people approach cooking and how many spend their day.

Students will end their course full of the memories and knowledge that will lead to further authentic Thai culinary experiences at home; having created each dish with their own hands, savoured the tastes and inhaled the intoxicating aromas of the true cuisine of Thailand.

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