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Somphong Thai Cooking School

Amidst an atmospheric setting where the hospitality will help you settle and feel welcomed right away, the Somphong Thai Cooking School offers a range of fantastic classes. Whether you want to enjoy a single class during a visit to Thailand or a plan a whole holiday dedicated to the delicious study of Thai cuisine, you choose and Thailand Culinary Tours will ensure it happens. We plan culinary tours to suit the very specific requests of our clients and utilise the Thai cooking schools we trust to create the most wonderful cooking experiences.

The Somphong Thai Cooking School places an emphasis on the entire experience; the culture, heritage and cuisine of the real Thailand. You’ll learn how to shop for, prepare and cook exceptional Thai culinary delights however many classes you attent at the Somphong. Thailand Culinary Tours are specialist in Thai culinary tours, with a range of options to suit all types of visitor and level of experience, from novice to pro.

Staff at the Somphong Thai Cooking School are highly skilled, well experienced and wonderfully friendly teachers who can impart the secrets of Thai cooking whilst maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The cooking courses are based very much around true Thai home-cooking and with the easy availability of fresh, locally grown produce, even the simplest of dishes if a true culinary delight.

“Learn how to cook healthy and delicious Thai food to surprise your family and friends at home as a gourmet souvenir form Thailand. A real hands-on experience….. You will be amazed what you can cook!!!”

The Somphong Thai Cooking School offers visitors to Thailand:

– 1 day to 5 day Thai cooking course that fit your itinerary

– Thai cooking classes everyday

– Well equipped cooking stations for each student

– Morning classes to take advantage of cooler temperature

– Introdution to Thai ingredients
– Paste making

– Market tour

– Comprehensive, easy to follow and full colour Thai cook book

– The pleasure of eating all the food that you cooked for lunch

There is no better way to learn Thai cooking than with expert locals in Thailand who understand the history of it, the myriad of ingredients and of course all the tricks and special information you can’t get anywhere else. The cooking courses at Somphong Thai Cooking School give a real taste of home-style cooking in a hoe-style environment.

Each student will get a full experience of Thai cuisine with completely hands-on learning that encourages each to practice Thai cooking techniques with the right equipment and utensils as well as the unique ingredients. Somphong’s teachers will patiently and expertly introduce you to Thai cuisine so that you truly instill the knowledge.

Thailand is famed the world over for its outstanding and varied cuisine that is as much a part of this country’s rich cultural heritage as its temples and customs. The Somphong Thai Cooking School honours this and strives for authenticity in everything from the Thai cuisine to the atmosphere, setting and hospitality.

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