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Culinary Regions of Thailand

Diverse, exotic and fascinating, Thailand is a land of stunning natural scenery, awe inspiring temples, varied attractions, exciting nightlife and the warmest service in the world. Capturing all this and adding the unique pleasure of exploring its varied cuisine, makes for a holiday in Thailand that you will not forget.


“Popularly considered a single cuisine, Thai food would be more accurately described as four regional cuisines corresponding to the four main regions of the country: Northern, North East (or Isan), Central, and Southern, each cuisine sharing similar foods or foods derived from those of neighbouring countries and regions.”
-Wikipedia on ‘Thai Cuisine’

There are four key culinary regions in Thailand; each offering flavours, ingredients, dishes, recipes and cooking methods that are particular to the area and of course the season you visit in. You can choose to enjoy each and every region on a culinary tour with us or simply select a particular region of Thailand with the flavours and cooking styles that appeal to your taste buds.

The regions you visit on your culinary tour are amongst the most stunningly beautiful areas of this wonderful country and offer the visitor diverse scenery that might otherwise be missed on a traditional holiday in Thailand. Accompanied by expert guides, the tours will open your eyes to the magic of Thailand and a world or sensory delights. Thailand Culinary Tours offers you journeys of discovery into these four main culinary regions of Thailand:

When you visit Thailand to discover the cookery secrets, you can take the journey and learning experience as seriously or casually as you like. Our culinary tours of Thailand are tailored around your preferences, itinerary and budget so that you get everything you want from the tour.

Whether you choose to explore a range of dishes in one culinary region of Thailand or a variety, throughout the key culinary areas, you will be surprised and delighted to discover the amazing tastes, dishes, teaching methods, schools and pleasures that Thailand has to offer.


“12 of the most popular Thai dishes were spicy shrimp soup ( tom yam kung), stir-fried Thai noodles ( phat thai), green curry with chicken ( kaeng khiew wan kai), grilled pork and peanut sauce ( satay), spicy chicken curry in coconut milk ( tom kha kai), fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandanus leaf ( kai ho bai toei), grilled chicken ( kai yang), sticky rice ( khao niao), spicy papaya salad ( som tam), deep-fried spicy fish dumpling ( tot man pla krai), stir-fried rice with basil ( phat kaphrao), and spicy grilled beef salad ( yam nuea yang).”
– Thai Government research study ‘Popularity of Thai food among foreigners’


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