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Northern Thailand

The cuisine of the Northern region of Thailand is truly unique in flavour as well as the style of cooking and eating the food. It is here in the North of Thailand where visitors particularly enjoy the experience of a ‘Kantok dinner’- a traditional shared meal that is enjoyed around a small table, low to the floor.


“Prepared traditionally, the glutinous rice is kneaded into small balls using the fingers”

Although fragrant rice is a popular Thai dish, in the North it is steamed glutinous rice that is preferred and used alongside many dishes; prepared traditionally, the glutinous rice is kneaded into small balls using the fingers.  The Burmese influence here in the North is evident in many dishes and the curries here are generally considered to be milder than those of the other key culinary regions of Thailand, particularly the Central and Southern regions.

Thai dishes that are both popular and particular to the culinary region of Northern Thailand include:

–  Kaeng Hang Le: a traditional pork curry with tempting aromas that is a delight to prepare
–  Khao Soi: a curry broth with egg noodles and meat as well as shallots and lime to top it off
–  Sai-Ua: a spicy local pork sausage that can be used in and alongside a variety of Thai dishes


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