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Southern Thailand

The Southern region of Thailand is one of the most popular with tourists who come to explore the many attractions and beautiful places of this tropical land. The culinary delights of the South too are a big attraction; with local ingredients contributing to the uniqueness of the flavours here. The Southern cuisine of Thailand features fresh seafood from the abundant stock in the surrounding waters; including a vast and varied choice of fish, shell fish, squid, scallops, clams and mussels.


“Coconut plays a prominent role in so many culinary creations”

There are many culinary influences in the dishes of Southern Thailand that are clearly of Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese origin and it is in this part of the country that the coconut plays a prominent role in so many culinary creations; both sweet and savoury. There is a flat bean called ‘sator’ that adds an exotic flavour to many dishes of the South and dried chillies too are in frequent use.

Thai dishes that are both popular and particular to the culinary region of Southern Thailand include:

–  Kaeng Mussaman: a mild curry seasoned with the distinctive flavour of cardamom
–  Khao Yum Nam Badu: a healthy, tasty and easy to prepare rice salad with southern fish
–  Kaeng Lueang: a traditional yellow curry that is perfect at anytime


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