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Vibrant, bustling and teeming with life, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is a city full of contrast; high-rise hotels and office blocks nestle alongside ancient temples and cultural icons. In the streets, cosmopolitan restaurants and street-vendors hustle for the custom of the passing trade; tourists, office workers, farmers and students. Bangkok offers the visitor a vast and varied choice of experiences.

Thailand has long been known for the warmth of its welcome, the breadth of its culture and the subtleties of its cuisine and it is in Bangkok that you can experience all this and more. Although Bangkok is a truly cosmopolitan city of more than 10 million people, you can’t help but notice the beautifully preserved cultural identity that is protected and carried through each generation; reflected in its temples, art, traditions, icons and architecture.

Visitors to Bangkok who have a passion for Thai food, will be spoilt for choice. There is a wealth of Thai dining options and for the truly fascinated, there are cookery schools that teach the art of the cuisine of Thailand. Whether you choose to learn the traditional Thai cooking or explore more diverse variations, there will certainly be a Thai culinary course in Bangkok for you. Schools are often based in home settings in order to preserve the authenticity and to make the learning experience more relevant to the student.

Markets selling locally grown produce are plentiful and most cooking schools like to include familiarisation with Thai ingredients as part of the learning, so you may well end up strolling through the markets shopping like a ‘local’.  You will be struck by the variety, colour and scent of the produce available in Bangkok’s markets and revel in the choice of the strange, new foods and spices of Thailand.

Taking time to explore Bangkok is a pleasure not to be missed, even for those primarily focused on learning how to cook Thai food. The majestic temples, iconic tuk-tuks, glittering hotels, dazzling array of shops, world famous nightlife and of course restaurants selling food from across Asia and the world; Bangkok offers so much pleasure and it always does it with a smile.

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